POS System had been HOLD

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
It seem not much i really clear that this project were hold for a moment.. I'm really sorry to my admin cause be4 this i don't really clear about this project before. After i had finished my studies, i hope that i can continue this system building but i will start it using VB first. Hope my admin can accept this..It's REALLY, i have to explore much, much more about this system first.

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Total Point Of Sales System

Monday, May 18, 2009
We was thinking on additional site project instead the cruxwall embedded operating system based on crux linux, our mangopos team development was thinking on providing a total point of sales solution based on ubuntu linux, openoffice.org, mysql/postgresql and ltsp.

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Cruxwall Project Status

Thursday, May 14, 2009
As this article is write down, we a currently to restructure our cruxwall development, the cruxwall will be totally embedded operating system based on ucrux by simone rota. uCRUX is a port of Per Lidén's CRUX Linux http://www.crux.nu) using the uClibc C library (http://www.uclibc.org). It is mainly intended as a standalone development environment for uClibc related projects.

Our timeline project to complete cruxwall will be estimated for 6 months from now. Starting with rebuilding the whole structure from scratch again, and we are looking for new web based firewall and network management script for the cruxwall.

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